Regenerative TV

Video Production

We deliver all of the steps in video production; from the early stages of conceptualizing and script writing, to the precise filming process and the creative editing process. We use multiple cameras and quality audio to capture a dynamic experience. With unique creative design processes we craft custom videos for websites and social media that tell a story worth remembering.

Festival Promotion

In order to embody the experience of this festival in Costa Rica we used drone and multiple cameras. Recorded atmospheric sounds, music and interviews and on site. We then edited the footage into a finished video.

360° Panoramic Video

The development of 360° video technology and virtual tours opens the door to a whole new world of virtual experience. The viewer is able to engage with the content by controlling where they look at any given moment. This is great for project walkthroughs and other immersive experiences.

Educational Video

We produced this educational video in Costa Rica. Unique creative elements such as the stop animation sequence in this video can help increase engagement and inspire the audience.

Documentary Short

Content is key. In documentary style videos much of the content comes from interviews. Engaging with people in a way that makes them feel comfortable on camera, and asking the questions that will lead to a compelling story are key aspects of a successful documentary production.