Costa Rica

A residential village, destination spa resort, organic farm, educational institute and more, Rise is breaking ground on their vision to create an interconnected community in Costa Rica.

With a diverse food forest and reforestation project, Rise has planted around 5,000 food-bearing trees of over five hundred species. An estimated 15,000 native trees have been planted as well, the first phase in a plan to reforest more than 20% of the project's 800 acre land.

Building in compliance with the Living Building Challenge; a stringent green building protocol, Rise hopes to become a prototype for regenerative resorts and communities alike.

Property Video

Rise Location

In 2016 we were invited by Rise Costa Rica to produce a video displaying the property. By following the story of the tropical water cycle, we visit the varied characteristics of the vast 800 acre land.

Mandala Garden

In 2016 we were invited to produce this drone video of the organic mandala garden built on site of the Rise project in Costa Rica. The video was used for promotion and was viewed over 4 million times on facebook.

Promotional Video

Educational Video


In 2016 we produced this short educational video on site of the Rise Costa Rica nursery. Featuring Stephen Brooks, the video illustrates steps in growing plants from seed.

Virtual Tour

Property Exploration

In 2016 we were invited by Rise Costa Rica to produce this interactive virtual tour of the project's location, it is an evolving process that will grow alongside the Rise project's development.


Photo Series

Documenting Rise

Between 2016 and 2017 we have been providing photography services for the Rise Costa Rica project. Documenting it's growth from the earliest stages, creating photos for use on the Rise website, as promotional content and as a historic library.

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