Ria Rice - Lawson

Ria is a designer, storyteller, artist, educator and biophiliac. She practices graphic design, alternative learning and talking with animals. Ria also loves to make vlogs, create music, write, dance and study how to change the world. Her recent work includes redesigning an alternative online university’s website, teaching children through Waldorf education and wilderness skills, operating a Kombucha laboratory and designing the Regenerative TV brand identity.


Ria lives on a family Permaculture farm in Costa Rica with her partner Yãm. They don’t have any pets, but an Armadillo lives under their house. Their mission is to help people transition towards regenerative lifestyles, and to build a lovely homestead where they can grow many plants. She is currently working on her Masters Degree in Integrated Ecosocial Design with Gaia University.

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