Brand Development

We believe that developing a strong brand identity for projects, organizations, people and nonprofits who are trying to make the world better is a powerful way to promote well-being on the planet. 

The Three Phases of Our Brand Development Process

Discover your core essence.

  • Core motivation

  • Mission and vision

  • Story and uniqueness

  • Aligned target audience

Design a unique presence.


  • Logo

  • Colors and fonts

  • Visual style

  • Written voice

Create expressive materials.

  • Brand style guide 

  • Physical Artifacts:  business cards, stationary, t-shirts and more.

We provide a customized design process that uncovers your core motivation, your vision and your mission. Next we craft a unique brand identity that will be used to communicate both internally with your team and externally with your aligned audience. Lastly, we can create the materials that put your brand out there.

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